Judicial Review protocol works! 

Delighted to say that certain public bodies are able to take a balanced view of their decisions when challenged.
I successfully presented a clear case of a decision having been made which was incorrect against the legal background but seemed reasonable on the face of the decision. 
This is not a common occurrence in my work as the majority of decisions are made clearly in accordance with the law and relevant rules. Therefore I had to take the unusual step of preparing a judicial review letter before action.
In the modern world there are now many areas where the traditional framework of the law of contract or tort or trusts – or more often a blend of these – has an added statutory or regulatory dimension. This can allow alternative routes to redress or remedies but demands a lawyer who understands that additional dimension to obtain the best results, especially as the traditional view of the law may provide no recourse but the regulated nature of the case has introduced specific protections.
That additional dimension allowed a case to be brought in a different way, but that different route meant an alternative to a traditional civil appeal.