For Solicitors

Where your client has a dispute you want to be confident that you can obtain expert advisory, advocacy and drafting to support your work with your client.

I am not a financial adviser or transactional lawyer – I only deal with disputes and resolving disputes. As such I provide an independent resolution-focused viewpoint to assist you and your client with consideration of the options and enable your client to resolve their problem in the most efficient way possible.

To ensure an effective team I prefer to¬†work alongside my client’s preferred solicitor. I want to work with the lawyer they trust with their affairs and focus on resolving the dispute. This frees you up to deal with your client and ensure that you are able to take your role as their solicitor without worry about the minutiae.

Having practised in professional negligence and financial services disputes since 2011 at the onset of the interest rate hedging product litigation and across a broad range of disputes. I have taken disputes to trial and brought many more to effective resolution. It is reported that more than 90% of cases in the Chancery Division during recent years resolved before trial – our best offering to your client is to aim for the best result within that 90% resolution whilst preparing for trial.

When you need a specialist in financial services disputes, whether in an individual case or strategic guidance, I can offer the advice and guidance you need.