Pension Claims

Pensions often represent the one of the largest assets a person will ever own, as such they are prime targets for the unscrupulous and greedy.
Pension claims fall into two broad categories:

  1. Proper advice gone wrong; and
  2. Unregulated cases.

Proper advice gone wrong

Can be simpler and easier when there is an identifiable, regulated and insured financial advisor involved as there is an advice to analyse and assess for the purposes of considering whether a viable claim subsists.

Unregulated cases

Start with identifying an appropriate defendant and can require detailed consideration of the sales process to identify what viable case – or cases – can be pursued.
In both cases it is vital to get early, specialist advice.
Pension advice tends to take time before the client becomes aware that things have gone wrong – unfortunately the time limits to bring claims do not necessarily stop because of this – therefore the sooner advice is sought the better.