Barrister – Solving Your Problems

Disputes consume time and money. My role as a barrister is to minimise their effect on your life and achieve the best outcome for you.

I specialise in money and property disputes, particularly where professionals are involved. For example solicitors, financial advisers, surveyors, engineers and architects; as well as commercial and property cases.

With a track record of resolving disputes successfully I can give you clear, objective advice on your case, what your options are and the means to pursue a successful case.

I often work in conjunction with your solicitor to deliver an efficient solution. I bring an expert view of the law and experience dealing with evidence and taking your case to trial; and your solicitor forms a vital part of a successful case as they take the weight of dealing with the case from your shoulders, and follow the plan we develop together.

By working with an experienced solicitor alongside me you get the advantage of my specialist expertise along with your solicitors efficiency in dealing with progressing your case.

If you are confident dealing with your case yourself you can come directly to me for advocacy, advice and drafting work to support you in pursuing your case.